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Foam edge protection strips and corner solutions have many uses including during the on-site building process and for many household items that need protecting during the transportation and storage process.

  1. On site protection of window seals and ledges
  2. Door jamb protection including garages during transportation and storage
  3. Pipe and duct insulation in roofs, floors etc
  4. Double glazing protection during transportation and storage
  5. Pipe insulation for exterior taps
  6. On site protection of edges and other areas prone to damage during the building process
  7. Protecting new radiators during transportation and storage
  8. Protection of furniture after manufacturing and during house removal
  9. Protection of frames and edges
  10. Protection of electrical equipment
  11. Protection of upholstery
  12. Protection of lighting during transportation and storage
  13. Protection of baths, shower screens and sinks during transportation and storage
  14. Protection of mirrors
  15. Protection of beds during transportation, storage and during house removal
  16. Protection of other furniture during transportation, storage and during house removal
  17. Protection of stainless steel cookers, vents and extractor fans
  18. Protection of work surfaces during transportation and storage
  19. Protection of kitchen units during transportation and storage
  20. Protection of glassware and tables
  21. Protection of doors and other glazed units
  22. Prefabricated ornaments and metals
  23. On-site safety including scaffold protection tubing

For more information and full details of available profiles, sizes and quantities available please refer to our main foam packaging for edge and corner protection page.