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This website has been built by David Vidgen Ltd an Inbound Marketing Agency based in Birmingham, specialising in ‘Search’ and helping clients create good online content, seo and mobile friendly websites, natural link building services and ensuring that websites have a positive online perception through seo for reputation management.

GMA approached us to produce a new website – the domain was previously forwarded to a sister company. GMA are a leading provider of protective foam products, and they wanted to make sure that they had a strong online presence and most importantly have a website was visible in search engines such as Google with good rankings. Many of GMA clients are tradesmen, so we also wanted to make sure the website design was mobile responsive and seo friendly, as most tradesmen use their mobile for web browsing.

We initially carried out market and keyword research to identify which words and phrases were in this market space. This included both broad and long-tail phrases.  We then provided GMA with a comprehensive list and guided them on which phrases would be best, how competitive each were and the likelihood of achieving good rankings. The website takes full advantage of all the usual on-page seo factors such as search engine limits, 301 redirects, title and description meta tags, H1 headings and xml sitemaps.

The Birmingham website design was built using wordpress and includes a unique design management software. Several plugins have been used, particularly to harden the security.

To ensure that the website was attractive and eye-catching we also photographed several of the foam protective products. To best portray the various different uses of the foam protectors, we photographed a house both inside and out and produced an application page describing all the various different uses. An example can be found here.

Link building advice was also provided, with the emphasis on sourcing links from manufacturers such as Kaiflex.

As with all our web builds, we provide 12 months of free updates. This is so GMA and all of our clients have peace of mind that they can grow and develop their website without incurring extra charges along the way.