Kaiflex ST Class O, FR tube & Sheet - High Temperature Insulation Foam

Our high temperature insulation foam is made from UV resistant rubber and is EPDM closed cell, so has highly moisture resistant properties that prevent condensation and corrosion. The insulation tubes are suitable for use on outdoor split air conditioning and solar hot water pipes that operate at temperatures up to 150°C where standard self seal foam tubes would be inadequate.

Where you need the next level of performance for your insulation, protection and high temperature insulation foam, Kaiflex ST is engineered to meet your demands, backed by the resources of Kaimann, one of Germany’s leading and innovative manufacturers. Kaiflex ST gives you the confidence of using the best high temperature foam solution 1st time every time.

  • suitable for use at temperatures up to 150°C
  • UV resistant so perfect for external use
  • closed cell structure with built-in water vapour barrier
  • inherent moisture resistance with long lasting protection against corrosion

A full list of all our available high temperature insulation foam, specifications and sizes is available on our downloads page – contact us for a quotation.